How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey (The Essentials Guide)

Ever wonder why its so difficult for people to start and accomplish their weight loss journey?

Do you ever wonder where all the hype and motivation goes when you decide to get in shape?

We start out by buying workout clothes, water bottles, and gym passes. Then in a few short months, all the hype has died down and we find ourselves skipping our gym sessions, believing our excuses, and before we know it’s we are right back to our old habits.

In this How To Start Your Weight Loss Journey – The Essentials Guide, you will learn several different ways in which you can start your weight loss journey today. This guide will not only help you get started but can also help you, your entire journey if you implement these simple but powerful tips.

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1. Organize and Clean Your Space

I always recommend starting out by cleaning and organizing your space before you begin your fitness journey.

organize and keep your home clean for metal clarity and calmness

It gives you a fresh perspective of your surroundings and an overall upgrade in your mood and mindset. Keeping your home clean and organized will give you a sense of calmness and clarity.

When you feel organized and put together, you are able to keep your mind focused on what is important, like the fitness goals you have for yourself.  Spend a weekend really putting your space together by decluttering, organizing, and cleaning. Start with one room at a time, put on some music, and get to work!

After your home is clean, don’t stop there. Organize your computer, your car, and phone. Getting into a habit of keeping things organized and clean will help keep your mood balanced and give you another chance to burn more calories.

2. Clean up your eating

Be sure to add as many fresh fruits and veggies into your diet, the more the better. What you put into your body has great effects on your attitude, mindset, and energy level.

One of the reasons you may be falling off track with your workout goals is because mentally you can’t seem to muster up enough energy or will-power. When you eat or drink processed foods they drain you of your energy.

Cleaning up your diet is the best way you can change your mindset and attitude about working out. It is a chain reaction.

Eat natural foods if you want to lose weight

Find new recipes and create a meal plan. Don’t worry about counting calories, just be mindful of processed foods and your portion sizes.

Foods To Avoid

Honestly the more you cook at home the better off you will be when on your weight-loss journey and just in general. Your weight loss journey starts in the kitchen. The last thing you want is to put a lot of work in the gym only to yield no results because of a poor diet.

If you find yourself craving and consuming a lot of foods and beverages containing processed/refined sugars, and fats; you must remove these foods out of your kitchen asap.  

Are you eating these types of foods on a regular basis?

  • candy
  • soda, sugary sports, juice, energy, coffee, and tea drinks
  • processed bread, pasta, dough
  • cookies, cakes, pie
  • frozen dinners/pizza
  • ice cream
  • sugary cereals, trail mixes
  • processed flour snacks
  • fast food

Do You Have a Sugar Addiction?

If you are trying to lose weight and get in shape foods containing processed/refined sugars should very rarely be consumed if at all.

Avoid processed/refined foods

They have addictive properties and can cause a number of negative health effects such as Diabetes and Obesity. You definitely want to kick this habit immediately if you are serious about succeeding on your weight loss journey.

If you need help quitting your sugar addiction be sure to check out the post I wrote: Sugar Addiction – How to Kick the Habit (The Ultimate Sugar Detox Guide)

3. Start your Weight Loss Journey off Slow

I see a lot of people make the same mistake time and time again. They will start working out non stop at full speed, then a month or two goes by after they have exhausted themselves and before you know it they are back to their old habits.

You want to make fitness a regular part of your life, so increase your work out levels gradually as your fitness level improves.

I started my fitness journey by waking up early every morning and walking around my neighborhood. Before I knew it I was running several miles around town. Push yourself little by little each day and you will get stronger and stronger. Just stay focused and be consistent.

4. Plan Your Workouts

The first thing you should do before the beginning of each week is to plan your workouts.

Plan your workouts

When just starting out, I would focus on planning at least 3 days out of the week for working out and committing to them.

Keep your workouts basic when starting. Remember step # 3 “Start out Slow.” Just be consistent and you will get there. You can also alternate days for cardio and weight training. This will help you not over-strain your muscles and joints.

A great resource for planning your workouts is

You can choose which muscle group you want to train and many different exercises will come up.

5. Track Your Progress

Be sure to track your weight loss and fitness progress. How in depth you want to track your progress is up to you. I personally started out taking monthly pictures of myself and keeping track of my running stats.

You can keep track of things like:

  • body measurements
  • running stats
  • food journal (calories, carbs, fats, protein)
  • weight training stats
  • water intake
  • Don’t become obsessed with weighing yourself, developing that habit will easily discourage you when you see any little variation in your body weight.

Take pictures, record yourself, whatever you need to do to document how far you have come. You will love that you did it and will be a strong motivator to keep going!

6. Check in With Yourself

Set aside some time to yourself sometime during the week to reflect on your progress for the week.

This is a perfect time to address things you want to improve on for the up and coming week. Find a quiet area where you can be alone to write, talk to yourself, and to remind yourself of your fitness goals.

Checking in with yourself will help keep your personal motivations and inspirations at the forefront of your mind and to remind your self why you are doing this in the first place. Self check-ins are a great time to also plan your workouts mentioned in Step # 4.

7. Reward Yourself For Hard Work

Reaching fitness goals can be challenging for everyone. Working out when you don’t feel like it, breaking mental barriers, changing your whole lifestyle..etc.

That is why you should reward yourself every now and then for staying on your game. Plan a small getaway for the weekend, buy a new outfit, or spend the day at a spa.

I would personally recommend not treating yourself with junk food; to me, it doesn’t make sense to work towards health only to reward yourself with things that are bad for your health.

8. Try New Activities/ Fitness Classes

Society has taught people that if you want to be fit and exercise go join a gym. Even though gyms can be great places to accomplish your fitness goals, the truth is sometimes the same “ole” routine can get boring.

Try New Activities/ Fitness Classes to lose weight

If your goal is to make working out a consistent part of your life, think about trying new activities like joining a sports team, creating a fitness space in your home, trying new outdoor activities, or even volunteering to clean up a neighbors lawn.

9. Find Your Workout Buddies

Having people to workout with is always fun and definitely helps to keep you accountable and motivated towards your weight loss journey.

If you don’t already have friends that are into working out, no big deal. There are plenty of active people in your town or city that you can find. A great place to start is Facebook Groups and

If you don’t see any groups that you’re interested in joining consider starting your own group. This is a great way to meet new active friends!

10. Hold Yourself Accountable to Your Weight Loss Journey

With anything, you are trying to achieve in your life, it’s your responsibility that you accomplish it.

So don’t waste your time with excuses because you will always circle back to the same conclusion that you need and want to complete your weight loss goals. If you commit to something, stick to it. Plain and Simple.

When a negative thought enters your mind practice on mentally breaking it apart and banning it from your thoughts. Don’t spend too much time if any dwelling anything that is going to get you down.

The more you practice holding yourself accountable for the things you want to accomplish in life, the more self-confidence you will build along the way.

11. Create Visual Reminders

Having visual reminders around you is always helpful especially when things get tough.

positive self reminders

A visual reminder can be anything that inspires to continue on your journey to accomplishing your health and fitness goals.

Here are a few visual reminder ideas you can do:

  • Vision Board – Hang on your wall, paste in a journal, or create a secret Pinterest board
  • Motivational Stickies – Write motivational notes to yourself and stick them around your home, car, office, etc.
  • Vlog- Document your journey and share with others. This is the perfect time to start a Youtube channel if you have been thinking about.
  • Fashion – Hang up an outfit or a piece of clothing that you can’t wait to fit in. (i.e. wedding dress, bikini, etc.)

12. Remember, There are No Shortcuts on Your Weight Loss Journey

Anyone who tries to tell you or sell you on a quick solution to weight-loss you should ignore. Many people will go to extreme lengths to avoid working  hard on things like breaking bad habits or feeling discomfort from working out.

Your weight loss journey is more than looking good in the end, it’s about, transforming, letting go of emotional baggage, and breaking down mental barriers.

13. Have Warrior Self Discipline

When its time to work its time to work. To get into a warrior’s disciplined mindset you will have to tune out people around you that do not encourage and support what you are trying to do.

self discipline

I know it can be difficult to turn down friends and family invites and gatherings, but you’re on a mission to achieve health and fitness. You even have to tune out the negative thoughts in your own mind and follow through with your fitness plans.

The more you practice self discipline the better you will be at it.

14. Don’t Forget to Rest

Getting proper rest is very important to your overall health. When you are exercising consistently you must remember to take rest days. This gives your body time to repair itself and it gives your mind time to reset as well.

You always want to keep yourself feeling refreshed and recharged. I know many people, including myself at one time would start out on fire with exercising and pushing myself to the limit, I would never rest only until I was completely burnt out or caused a small injury where I had no choice but to rest.


Getting started on your weight loss journey can be challenging but not impossible. Take everything one day at a time and with consistency; you will transform over time.

Remember its the actual journey that transforms your mind and body and you need both to be on the same page. So take your time, don’t be afraid to work hard, and have fun. In the end, you will be so amazed by your accomplishments and be ready to take on your next goals!

I would love to hear from you! What has helped you on your weight loss journey? What type of mindset changes did you have to make? Leave your comments and/or questions below!

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